Faith Pleases God

It is God’s will for His children to overcome in life. He wants us to overcome temptations, storms, attacks, lack and tragedies of all kinds. Many scriptures promise victory to those who belong to God and believe …

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Divine Protection

The apostle Paul wrote two letters to Timothy, a young pastor, giving him advice and instruction. In the closing of his second letter, Paul said: “For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of …

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Our Highest Priority

Walking in love should be the highest priority in the life of every believer, but it’s often overlooked… But it’s not overlooked in the New Testament. Jesus emphasized the love of God when He said, “Love the …

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Are You Eating Right?

Some have approached every failure in their walk with God as an indication they aren’t trying hard enough. They’re convinced more dedication and more consecration are the keys to success. They work hard to exert more effort. …

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Grow Up!

The temptation to give in to negative emotions caused by life’s stressors can at times seem overwhelming. To live a happy and healthy life in today’s world, anger and fear must be confronted. The short-term solution is …

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