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Are you ready to meet God?

Prepare to Meet Your Maker

Many people spend years preparing for retirement.

Most spend more time preparing for retirement than they spend living in retirement. Some make plans for their deaths by prepaying and pre-planning their funerals long before they happen, as well as making extensive arrangements for the disbursement of funds, personal possessions and business interests after their passing. This is considered being responsible and looking ahead.

On the other hand, many of these same people don’t spend one minute preparing for eternity.

You may not believe in God, and you may not think it’s necessary to prepare for life after death, but what if you’re wrong? What if there is a God? And what if there is an eternal destiny awaiting you? What if the universe didn’t happen accidentally and there’s a Master Designer behind the creation of the world?

If there is a chance there is a God, would you want to enter into eternity never having acknowledged Him or having thanked Him for the gift of life?

Everyone who owns a car buys car insurance—not because a wreck is inevitable but because there’s always the chance of having one. Most of us pay much more in insurance premiums over our lifetime than we ever receive in claims, but we get insurance “just in case.”

Likewise, homeowners pay insurance to cover damage or losses to their homes due to fire or flood.

Most people will never lose their home to a fire. In fact, in my home state of Oklahoma, only about 8% of people will actually have a fire that destroys part or all of their home. Most won’t experience a flood either, but each year people pay out multiplied thousands of dollars in insurance premiums. Such disasters may never happen, but we pay the money anyway because there’s a chance something could happen, and no one thinks anything about that; it’s just being responsible. It’s good business. It’s believing for the best but preparing for the worst so we’re ready if the unthinkable happens.

Do you want to be guilty of taking better care of your car and your house than your eternal soul? Are you making better preparations for your earthly possessions than for your eternal destiny?

When you look at the evidence all around—the earth with its seasons and beauty and the delicate balance of nature; the precision of the solar system with the orbits of the planets and moons, which are so precise they define time; and the vastness and the wonder of outer space—what are the odds that they didn’t just happen, that everything didn’t come from nothing for no reason? Did all this order ascend from chaos? Have you ever seen anything so extraordinarily beautiful and complex happen by mere chance?

The universe appears to be the result of an intelligent Creator. If this is true, you and I owe Him our very lives. If there is even a slight possibility we could experience a fire or flood, we’re willing to pay insurance for decades. By the same token, if there’s even the slightest possibility there’s a God who created you, don’t you want to be ready to meet Him?

Knowing the following four Bible truths will prepare you for the most important moment of your life—the moment when you meet your Maker:

  1. You will meet God.
  2. All have sinned.
  3. Jesus died for our sins.
  4. You must be born again.

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2 thoughts on “Prepare to Meet Your Maker”

  1. Nice message but you lost me the moment you talked about insurance?!
    Did the children of Israel have anything called insurance?! Did the apostles and disciples of the 1st century church have insurance?! Insurance was a pagan introduction. it was supposed to have been introduced in a term called bottomry contracts in 4000-3000 bce by the Babylonians. Also practiced by Hindus and Ancient Greece. Pagans have no faith in God except in religious practices and their self righteous ways.

    God’s people unfortunately took on this concept which clearly indicates a lack of faith in God. So called Christians need insurance because in their heart they don’t really believe God will protect. They even try to say God suggested insurance!!!
    Mediclaim – another pagan introduction – and Christian’s take it because they have already believed they will be serious at some time or hospitalised at some time – meaning no faith & then who will pay the bills?? What if we don’t have money??!!! All indicators of a lack of faith. Yet God in His mercy allows it but it doesn’t mean He can move in those situations – because the word says – WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD….. Therein therefore comes intercession and the Gift of Faith required to be put in motion. But the guarantee of cure / relief is not long lasting .

    I speak from personal experience – God is either true and every man a lier or vice versa – so I don’t have any insurance and I am 62 years young. I believe God’s Word has power and God loves me and will never allow any evil to befall me or plague to come near my dwelling. Even when a few times situations went off track in my life, I’ve seen God come through and bring me back in line. All I had to do was believe He is good all the time.

    No condemnation but just my stand on the subject of insurance.

    In God’s unconditional love and grace!
    Romans 8:31-32
    Romans 5:17
    Romans 4:13

  2. Talking to unbelievers he is using a metaphor. In this I don’t know how impactful it is but it makes sense to me. Even if you are unsure, do it. Just as you are unsure if you will be in a car accident, yet you still pay for insurance just in case. Why not give God a try? Best insurance policy you can have.

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