God Likes Faith


God likes faith! Heb 11:6 says, “that without faith it’s impossible to please Him.” One reason God likes faith is that He wants to give us things we could never earn. In God’s kingdom, people don’t get what they deserve, they get what they believe for, God has no favorites. By faith, everyone has equal access to every blessing. No one is left out or excluded, anyone can receive God’s best by grace through faith. In this series you’ll see why faith is God’s chosen method to get His blessings to the world and why God’s way is always best. God likes faith and the more you understand the message of faith, the more you’re going to like it too.

Format: Audio CD, MP3 download, or USB stick


  • Why Faith
  • You Can Do This
  • Building A Storm Proof Life
  • The Same Spirit of Faith
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