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You can be a vital part in helping Greg Fritz Ministries to strengthen churches and leaders. Your contribution will help support the operation and outreaches of Greg Fritz Ministries.

I am privileged to meet and minister to many, many people over the course of a year. Out of our many friends and acquaintances across the country, a few make the effort to send us financial support. I would like to invite you to be a part of this special group.

Anyone who sends an offering of any amount each month, we consider to be in partnership with us. We will pray over your gifts and for any prayer requests that you may have and send you a letter each month. It is a great help to us if you would consider making a one year commitment.

I know there are many ministries out there that are worthy of support, so we don’t expect you to sign up for life, but a one year commitment from each partner gives us a good idea of what we can expect each month.

As our ministry grows, we are depending more and more on outside support. You can be a part of that supernatural supply. It is an awesome thing to watch as God leads His people to help us fulfill the ministry He’s called us to. We are extremely blessed to have friends who believe in our ministry and want to be involved.

Those whom God has called to stand with us are especially dear. We pray for His best in every area of your life and we will be thrilled to share with you in the rewards from our labors when we finish our work on earth. Thanks again and may God richly bless you!

In His Love,
Greg Fritz

Greg & Carol Fritz

Become a Monthly Supporter

You can support Greg Fritz Ministries electronically by giving with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. We use the secure services of PayPal for credit card transactions.

If you would like to partner with us on a monthly basis, please select the monthly amount of your choice below. Your monthly support will be automatically sent to us each month when you complete the Subscription Form on PayPal’s site.

Good News Partner - $25 a month

Gifts include:

  • Monthly correspondence by mail or email
  • Free “Good News” book



Good News Premium Partner - $50 a month

Gifts include:

  • Monthly correspondence by mail or email
  • Free “Good News” book.
  • 25% off all products-order by phone



Good News Elite Partner - $100 or more a month

Gifts include:

  • Monthly correspondence by mail or email
  • Free “Good News” book.
  • 50% off all products-order by phone
  • GFM coffee mug



Give a One-Time Gift

To give a one-time gift of any amount, click the button below. You’ll be transferred the PayPal’s secure website to complete the transaction.

Send An Offering By Mail

If you prefer to send an offering by mail, our address is:

PO BOX 700900
TULSA, OK 74170