Living With No Regrets

Living with regrets can be crippling. Sorrow and remorse over past experiences can rob you of joy and vision and hinder you from living the life God has for you. He wants to help you get over the past and get ready for your future!

Discover how with life-changing truths from God’s word in Greg’s latest book, Living with No Regrets. Or check out the “Living with No Regrets” Bundle.

The bundle includes:

  • Living with No Regrets (paperback)
  • Living with No Regrets 4 message series (Downloadable MP3s)
  • Living with No Regrets Scripture Cards

I absolutely LOVE Greg’s message…! The testimony of what his wife went through and how she now walks in God’s kind of joy is totally supernatural! This an awesome ministry!

—Heather Perdue


  • In this book is a dramatic testimony from Carol Fritz, Greg’s wife, who has overcome more guilt, condemnation, and regret than most of us will ever have to deal with. That one chapter is well worth the read. But there is so much more. Greg deals with this topic from every angle. As one of the most popular guest speakers at our Charis Bible College and at my Gospel Truth Conferences, Greg has allowed the Lord to minister through him with supernatural results—I’ve seen it. This book will be no different. This book contains the key to setting you free.
    —Andrew Wommack
  • To have your best life now, you have to get over the past mistakes in your life—we all have them. Greg has opened up the truth of God’s Word, so that you can experience the “good life” and walk in victory with “no more regrets.”
    —Pastor Mike DavisRocky Mountain Family Church, Pueblo, Colorado
  • I heartily recommend this book. This message brings freedom and healing to those who receive it. I have known Greg Fritz for 30 years. He is an excellent teacher, and his life represents the gospel he proclaims!
    —Pastor Lawson PerdueCharis Christian Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • There are books that are informative, and there are books that are transformative. Living With No Regrets was transformative to my life. It wiped away decades of “what ifs” that held sway over me. This revelation will break the chains of looking back. The wonderment of past missteps will no longer haunt your life. Let this book create a change in your life that will bring new freedom to your future.
    —Senior Pastor Sam Carr

No more sadness. No more sorrow. No more regrets.

In Living with No Regrets, author Greg Fritz shares simple yet profound truths from God’s Word that will set you free and give you a new lease on life.

Get your copy of “Living with No Regrets” today!

  • Greg is one of the best teachers of the Word of God I have ever heard. His heart is humble and sincere, and his gift is absolutely world class. I have enjoyed every personal interaction I have had with Greg and I highly recommend him!
    —Cedric Van Duyn
  • Greg blesses people day in and day out with the good news of Jesus Christ.
    —Deborah Farnham
  • His great ability to share God's word in an effective bubbly way like no one I have experienced. A true man of God, and I give Glory to God for hearing him live and the impact Greg had on me in the Lord’s presence. Thank You, Greg Fritz.
    —Wade Williamson