It’s been almost five years since I started producing The Good News Show, and we’ve created 580 episodes to date. Now, we are reaching more people every day with this program than I could possibly reach in person in a year!

We now have a worldwide audience!

Until now, we’ve been filming in my living room, and it’s time for change! For nearly five years, we’ve torn up my house for days at a time to film, and we’re often interrupted by street noise, barking dogs, mowers and blowers, etc.

It’s time to move up to the next level.

I’ve secured office space nearby large enough for our offices and a TV studio. With much prayer, we made the decision to sign a lease. The builders are at work, creating the space according to our design.

From this new studio, we will reach more people than ever—for years to come!

Our ministry is growing, and we desperately need the room, but I delayed making any major changes as long as I could. This move will allow us to serve our audience and partners more efficiently.

But I can’t do this alone. Your giving is absolutely vital for me to fulfill the vision God has given me.

Would you send a special offering to help us make this move?

It will cost between $30,000 and $50,000 for the studio and the move. In addition to those upfront costs, our rent will more than double, and we need to hire additional employees.

I need givers and partners to invest. All it will take is:

  • 50 people at $1,000 each
  • 100 people at $500 each
  • 200 people at $250 each
  • 500 people at $100 each
Greg Fritz pointing out studio window to a view of Colorado area

People are desperate and searching for answers, and I want to be ready for them with simple, life-changing truths from my platform here in Tulsa.

The people are coming, and we have the truths they need! Thank you in advance for your generous gift!

I believe all the needs will be met, and we will have a beautiful new studio from which to reach the world.

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